Deep Cold Limit Extreme Adventure Antarctic

The Antarctic is a polar plate full of mystery and seduction, life must visit. Antarctic Ice, Iceberg, snowy field, penguins, seabirds, sea lions, seals, whales, as well as bright and clean air, a wide variety of scientific research station, volcanic island, etc., constitute a unique polar scenery. A certain degree of difficulty to the South Pole, one is faced with the difficult challenge of all aspects of the individual.

Natural landscape
The edge of the Antarctic continent, everywhere glaciers and ice cliffs hundreds of meters high, more than a million years of the formation of these glaciers, wind and temperature changes, numerous Antarctic ice, ice is slowly dissolved into the ever-changing, extremely singular the shape and make you feel the Antarctic ice extremly beautifly round.

Antarctic island, the edge of the land, or the Channel coast, you often inadvertently found this piece of pure land on the “master” — Penguin tenacious survival of the state amazing, where we do not see plants or small organisms, but There are thousands of penguins communities in reproduction. There are seven penguins living in Antarctica, including some rare species only Antarctic can find. Largest number of Papua penguins and chinstrap penguins communities.

You can often see sea lions or seals lazy figure in the snow or the ice floes of the sea, or in bed or in the sun, especially sea lions, he came to it, it is still close their eyes to sleep, arrogant. Antarctic birds more types of different species of gulls, petrels, great size albatross, most arouses indignation skua is one of the natural enemies of the penguins, often stealing penguin eggs and nestling penguins.

Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica’s most beautiful scenery of the beautiful island fjord. The most representative of the volcanic island, the Antarctic Strait, Paradise Bay, South Portland Islands Half Moon Bay, King George Island. In Half Moon Bay, ng Kong island, you can see different penguins, to see strange icebergs and ice floes, you can take the unique iceberg things to do in rubber boat at sea, to marvel at the beautiful icebergs form.

Cultural landscape
The distribution of the world dozens of different types of scientific workstations, China, Chile, Argentina, Russia, Japan and other countries in the-South Maitland Islands, King George Island, there is research station in the Antarctic Peninsula and the nearby area, Chile’s military airport; other islands and the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, Spain, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and other countries of the research station, glaciers stations, ambulance depots. In the Great Wall Station, we can see that the Chinese Antarctic scientists in harsh environments adhere to the scientific investigation of the real development status of specific learned that the cause of the Chinese Antarctic expedition. The lacrosse workstation in the UK can be learned adhere to the eight years of penguin reproduce the observed effects, to know the impact of human travel behavior of penguins reproduction. It can also be learned whale processing plant sites in the volcanic island of Antarctic whaling historical overview. So that visitors with great interest the small post office and shops in a number of research stations can buy precious and exquisite Souvenir Products, mailing postcards, maps of Antarctica, the Antarctic commemorative items, including stationery, T-shirts, Antarctic animal toys.

Explore ancestor worship custom all over the world

Grand Obon festival in Japan
Japan is a country combined the Buddhism with Shinto together, in the Japanese view, physical life is like fireworks, bright and short, and the immortality of the soul, can eternal life. So in Japan, and the reaction to the dead, and mourning together make their fallen, prayer is very various, like every year before and after the vernal equinox and autumnal equinox will “other side”, the anniversary, 50 years old, 70 years old and one hundred large offerings such as emerge in endlessly.

Every lunar calendar July 13 to 15 or so, all the Japanese put seven days long holiday celebrating the obon. It is said that at that time, the loss of your ancestors will return to their home, in order not to let your ancestors can’t find home, people will welcome the brazier is put in front, and hang lanterns in the house. Annual obon early evening will be held in “meet fire” mode, namely for the spirit of the ancestors in front of burning hemp rod, and the last day of the festival is “send fire” mode, namely the offering into the river or the sea, ready and send on behalf of your ancestors.

Jews put the stones to show their grief on the tombstone
Spring is the season of rebirth, full of life, even if in your time of reminiscing a bit of intermittent light rain, is also a poetic, mourning without injury. But in Palestine, the mood of people reaction to relatives is often interrupted by hate.

The Gregorian calendar every year in May, all the men of Israel continuous memorial “Holocaust remembrance day”, “dead martyrs memorial day” and the state of Israel “Independence Day”. Due to the ongoing Israeli-palestinian conflict, Israel, almost every family has a “martyr”, so these seemingly as an official holiday in Israel is directly connected with WanHuQianGu feelings. Whenever these days coming, Israel will bring flowers, holding a candle to their relative’s grave, with the Jewish people special customs – screen tablet to love ones on symbol stones to express inner thourelativeghts of the eternal.

Palestinians have no special holiday festivals of the dead, they’re used to in their loved ones after death, 49 days, and on the 7th anniversary of the death when remember ceremony, but since Israel and the militant Palestinian special every year of the Gregorian calendar on January 7, as the “dead martyrs memorial day”, to mourn the dead relatives in the clashes.

Because of the Jewish people in Tombstone put custom of stones, in Israel, many tombstones are adopted in the form of flatwise to have a bigger area to bear the “grief” to relatives and friends.

The presidential holiday to Martha Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is the first choice of the rich resort in the United States, the visit of the movie stars, politicians, artists, island visibility. Politicians have been to the island before and after at least six U.S. presidents in office or term, which has been the title of the President of the resort.

It is said that in 1602 the British cartographers Bartholomew high Gosnold grapes found on the island, in the production of the map with his daughter’s name “Martha” and “vineyard” named island. When the locals living whaling until the mid-19th century, from the United States inland vessels began to tourists to the island, becoming tourists gathering centers.

There is a golf course, swimming pool, private beach, a basketball court, a famous tourist destination. The architectural style of the island quaint, grapes, strawberries and other fruit orchards. 19 beautiful sandy beaches, fishing, boating, surfing, boat and so on. Comfortable climatic conditions, well-equipped holiday farm, standing on a cliff overlooking the vast Atlantic, all this is Martha’s Vineyard charm. Some people come here by boat, including a ship that carries passengers and can carry cars, others by plane, the island has an airport.

There is also no KFC or Pizza Hut, retail center, no chain stores, no high-rise apartment, no neon. You can not get on the iPhone reliable directions, you even can not receive mobile phone signal in some parts of the island. There is no multi-lane roads, no traffic lights. You can not drive fast, because here the maximum speed limit of 45 miles per hour, and mostly dirt road rut staggered.

Martha’s Vineyard has been a low-key, tolerance and freedom, is a stylish and cultural atmosphere of the place. If you prefer, you can participate any day in the summer in a lecture, a debate or a drama, music, dance and other performances. Coast cliffs and lighthouse, the sun rising and setting of the beach special King, seagulls flying over the red cliffs, and from the island ferries are the hearts of the people happy memories.